The Ultimate power solution for your 4WD
The reliable choice to keep your lithium battery charged in the Australian Outback

Lithium Battery Solutions for your 4WD Adventures

The Revolution Power Australia Lithium battery system allows you the ability to power your vehicle’s LED lights, portable fridge/freezer and miscellaneous 12v gear. When coupled with an inverter it has the capacity to convert 12v to 240v to charge phones, laptops and even coffee machines, toasters and sandwich makers.

The Revolution Power Australia Lithium battery allows you to camp off the grid like never before. As lithium batteries accept the entire charge rate from flat to full via solar, dc-dc or 240v, they recharge 5x faster than traditional batteries. The ability to quickly recharge your batteries from solar panels and/or vehicle allows the opportunity to sit at the beach or in the bush for days at a time, particularly in National Parks, as generators are banned. If/when the battery gets low, a short drive is all you need for a full re-charge.

Tare Mass? GVM? Kerb Mass? GCM? They are all buzz words in the 4WD community and all refer to how much of a load your vehicle is designed to carry or tow, which is crucial to its safe and efficient operation. The easiest solution to become weight compliant is to switch to the Revolution Power Australia Lithium battery, as it significantly reduces weight in 4×4 vehicles. Using lithium batteries not only reduces weight, but also delivers faster recharge time and more useable amps compared to traditional batteries.

The Revolution Power Australia Lithium battery can give you more space in the tub of your ute or back of your SUV. As Lithium batteries have a greater depth of discharge, you need less batteries to create the same capacity. Our RPL12-60slim provides 60 usable amps in a slim package and has the same useable capacity as a 120ah AGM. This battery can be mounted under and behind seats and be recharged in as little as 1.5 hours with a 40amp dc-dc charger. Weighing only 7.7kgs, our slimline 60 provides a light and versatile power solution for 4wd’ers.

The Revolution Power Australia RPL12-100 lithium battery with 100 usable amps is comparable to competitors’ 125Ah Lithium battery. It is the only 100/125ah lithium battery on the market to provide an industry leading continuous draw of 100A with a peak of 400A for 4-6 seconds. This allows you to power a 1000W inverter off a single battery and be us it for cranking in emergency situations. Unlike other major brands of Lithium batteries, the Revolution Power lithium battery range can be used in parallel.

By using 2 batteries in parallel, this doubles the draw capacity of each battery giving the ability to run a large inverter while giving redundancy in the event of a battery failure. This also provides more usable amp hours and greater continuous draw, when compared to competitor’s 200Ah batteries.

There are many benefits to Lithium batteries compared to traditional batteries, such as:

  • 1/3 the weight of traditional batteries.
  • Quick recharge – 5x times faster than traditional batteries.
  • Extended cycle life – 10x longer than traditional batteries.
  • 2x the useable amp hours of traditional batteries.
  • Constant voltage.
We have designed a range of solutions that are tailored to suite either your caravan, camper or recreational vehicle. Custom power solutions are available upon request.
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Revolution Power Batteries for your 4x4

The Ultimate power solution for your 4×4

Weekender Solution

1 x 60A/h Lithium Battery | 2.5 Hour recharge from flat | Solar optional | 400W inverter | DC/DC Charger 25amp


Designed for Weekend get a ways or trips were you are traveling every couple of days. Solar is not required if the vehicle is driven every couple of days. *Optional AC Charger

Revolution Power 100A/h Lithium Battery

Week Long Solution

1 x 100A/h Lithium Battery | 2.5 Hour recharge from flat | Solar 100 watt portable & fixed panels | DC/DC Charger 40amp | 1000 watt inverter


Designed for week long holidays without the complication of fixing solar to the roof of your vehicle. This is ideal if you want to run a fridge all the time in the back of your vehicle. *Optional AC Charger

Dual 100A/h Lithium Battery Kit

Hardcore Solution

2 x 100A/h Lithium Batteries | Solar 200 watt portable & fixed panels | 30 Amp DC/DC, 240v, and solar charger with remote display panel, showing battery state of charge and hours until fully discharged | 2000 watt inverter


This is the ultimate solution when free camping for long periods as used by the ALL FOR ADVENTURE team

Do you have a question on custom power solutions for your 4WD?

Contact us for further information on any of our Lithium Battery Solutions for 4WD’s or custom power solutions. With so many combinations and options with our systems, we’re certain to find one that suites your requirements.