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The complete power solution for your marine vessel

Revolution Power Australia has developed an on-board Power Management Solution designed to replace your generator and power all your electrical needs whilst at sea.

Revolution Power Australia has developed an on-board Power Management Solution, which replaces your generator and still powers all your electrical needs while at sea.
Our system recharges your house bank from the boat’s main or auxiliary engines, while underway or at anchor. This solution saves running a generator for extended periods of time and still provides enough power to run all your modern appliance, i.e. fridges, ice makers, and air conditioners. By eliminating the need to run a generator, you reduce weight, save on fuel and maintenance costs and eliminate the noisy hum from the generator, while sleeping.

Available in 12v, 24v or 48v configurations, this system can be installed into any size marine vessel, large or small. Our marine solution has the ability to run everything from fridges and lighting to microwaves and air conditioners, providing the enough power to run the entire vessel’s electrical system from the batteries.

Developed in conjunction with RedArc Electronics, the Revolution Marine Solution double stacks the lithium chargers to recharge the batteries faster. With 100amps continuous draw, the Revolution Power Australia Lithium battery outpowers other lithium batteries on the market and can power a 1000W inverter off a single battery. Revolution Power Australia’s lithium batteries are also approved to be used in parallel, making it the ultimate choice to power your marine vessel and sit at anchor for endless sunrises, sunsets and cocktails.

There are many benefits to Lithium batteries compared to the standard wet cell power solution, and they are:

  • 1/3 the weight of traditional batteries.
  • Quick recharge – 5x times faster than traditional batteries.
  • Extended cycle life – 10x longer than traditional batteries.
  • 2x the useable amp hours of traditional batteries.
  • Constant voltage.
We have designed a range of solutions that are tailored to suite either your caravan, camper or recreational vehicle. Custom power solutions are available upon request.
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The perfect power solution for your marine vessel

Ultimate power solutions for your Marine Vessel

Battery System

Lithium LiFePO4 batteries | 12v – 24v – 48v | Ultra-Fast Recharge | Light Weight | Combine with Powerful Inverters | No Venting or Gassing | 100% usable amp with reserve | Use in Parallel

Revolution Power 100A/h Lithium Battery


Runs House System | Eutectic Fridges | Coffee Machines | Microwaves | Engine Room Fans | Air Conditioner | Lighting | AC/DC sources | Solar Ready

Dual 100A/h Lithium Battery Kit

Lithium Chargers

Victron | Mastervolt | TBS Electronics | Redarc | stackable chargers


Reduces Weight | Saves Fuel | No Generator while steaming
| No Noise While Sleeping

Do you have a question on custom power solutions for your vessel?

Contact us for further information on any of our Lithium Battery Solutions for 4WD’s or custom power solutions. With so many combinations and options with our systems, we’re certain to find one that suites your requirements.