The Ultimate Truck Solution for cool running
The perfect power solution for your Truck

The ultimate in battery powered sleeper cab air-conditioning and accessory power.

The Revolution Power Australia Truck Solution is the most advanced Lithium battery solution on the market. Our system is an on-board Power Management Solution that will run your sleeper cab accessories, auxiliary air conditioner, fridge/freezers, tv and microwave for up to 12 hours.   It reduces noise, vibration, running costs and emissions in comparison to old technology generators, all while providing a cool, quiet and comfortable nights rest in your sleeper cabin.

With an ever growing need to reduce ongoing costs, emissions and noise in populated areas, Revolution Power Australia teamed up with Redarc Electronics and Dometic to create a battery powered solution for the trucking industry. Our achievement replaces noisy, smelly truck generators and provides a complete solution to run accessory power to all cabin conveniences, creating a silent restful “home away from home”, when parked up during the day or night. It also eliminates the need for ongoing costs as once the system is installed it is zero maintenance – meaning no more ongoing running costs of diesel fuel and constant repairs. The battery system weighs only 50Kgs and can be easily installed in to most lock boxes out of sight.

With finance options available, call us on 1300 303 498 to find out more.

There are many benefits to Lithium batteries compared to the standard wet cell power solution, and they are:

  • 1/3 the weight of traditional batteries.
  • Quick recharge – 5x times faster than traditional batteries.
  • Extended cycle life – 10x longer than traditional batteries.
  • 2x the useable amp hours of traditional batteries.
  • Constant voltage.
We have designed a range of solutions that are tailored to suite either your caravan, camper or recreational vehicle. Custom power solutions are available upon request.
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Revolution Power Lithium Batteries are perfect for heavy trucks

Ideal power solutions for your sleeper cabin

Lithium Battery System

LiFePO4 lithium battery | Fast Recharge | Equivalent power 4 x N200 Truck batteries | Huge Cycle Life = Long battery Life | Weighs only 50.0Kg | Fits in Truck Lock Box | Runs Inverters for 240V accessories

Revolution Power 100A/h Lithium Battery


Very Quiet Running | Turbo Cooling Mode | A/C components Integrated | ADR Compliant | High Cooling capacity 2000W | Highly Efficient: only 8mp power consumption on ECO mode | Available for rooftop and split system

Dual 100A/h Lithium Battery Kit

Lithium Chargers

Charges from 12v or 24v trucks | Stackable chargers for faster charging | Ability to recharge truck batteries | Can use existing outlets in the cab

Do you have a question on custom power solutions for your truck and sleeper cabin?

Contact us for further information on any of our Lithium Battery Solutions for Caravans, Campers, RV’s, or custom power solutions. With so many combinations and options with our systems, we’re certain to find one that suites your requirements.