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Cotek 2500W Pure Sine Wave Pass Thru Inverter


Cotek – 2500W Pure Sine Wave Pass Thru Inverter

The SD series is a pure sine wave inverter designed especially for the most demanding mobile and off-grid applications. SD series provides up to 90% of high efficiency and wide operating temperature range (from -20°C to +60°C) designed for many harsh environments. SD series features a built-in transfer switch eliminating the need for separate power outlets in your caravan for mains and battery power. As soon as the caravan is connected to 240 mains power it will simply pass through the inverter and send the power to all outlets, and then simply revert to battery when 240 mains is disconnected.

SD series also provides complete protection functions including Input low voltage, Overload, Short circuit, Low battery alarm, Input over voltage and over temperature.

Providing 2500W, this inverter is designed to provide power to coffee machines, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines, televisions, vacuum cleaners and other appliances that use up to 2500W of power for operation.